A combination of forces continues to drive the digital re-engineering of existing industries, emergence of new disruptive competitors as well as creation of entirely new industries. These forces are the plummeting costs of computing, communications, data storage, hardware manufacturing and software development. This group of forces has already delivered the broadband internet, the smartphone, and cloud computing, and is now bringing us artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and the internet of things.

The above technological advances significantly lowered the barriers to entry for software-enabled businesses and resulted in a massive wave of Seed-funded startups in recent years. Over the corresponding period of time, the availability of Series A capital did not expand proportionately and revenue thresholds to qualify for the A round rose significantly. As a result, many well-run startups now benefit from a post-Seed capital injection to extend runway and scale up to a larger Series A.

Runway’s mission is to identify high potential, post product-market fit companies at this juncture and turbo charge their growth with both our financial and human capital. When working with entrepreneurs, we leverage our experience and network for maximum impact, assisting in business development, capital formation, team building and general strategy.